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In 2011 Paddle NSW gave our newly formed club, the Shark Island Paddlers, the opportunity to hold a new event at Rose Bay. After doing some research into why Tingira Beach & Park at Rose Bay was such, we soon became hooked on the history of the Tingira ship, originally named the Sobraon which held the speed record for sailing ships from England to Australia. The interesting part is the Indigenous meaning of the word “Tingira”, which means Open Sea, as well as the way in which the ship, when it was moored in the middle of Rose Bay, was employed to train crews of young men for the Open Sea.

The parallels are obvious to our paddlers who spend a lot of time on the water and are familiar with the spiritual & challenging nature of being on the open water.

We then found that there is a Tingira Association which led to speaking to Mark Lee, the Secretary who had the association generously donate our beautifully crafted perpetual trophy. As the attached article outlines, John Diggins was the inaugural winner of the cup during 2011. We look forward to presenting this special trophy to the overall 2013 winner.

For this year we have decided to create a truly unique event on the paddling calendar, the first ever Teams Challenge, so the event has been re-named the Tingira Teams Challenge. This concept more faithfully follows the history here and will encourage our regular paddlers for the first time to put together a team. Our criteria is simple, there are 4 boats that make a team and these boats can be either single or doubles, there must be a minimum though of 1 x (One) Double in each Team. The categories are Men Open, Men Senior and Mixed, which is a combination of male & female. We are trying to encourage more females to paddle & would like to see an all-female team as well!

Start putting together your Teams now because as well as the glory of a Team category place, we’ll be looking for the most creative Team names.
Our lucky auction winners from the Rose Bay Challenge along with Clint Robinson OAM & Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins will be joining & competing as part of a Team in Double Crews.

Proceeds will go to support NSW Marine Rescue who we have previously supported where our donation purchased a Defibrillator which has been housed on one of their boats. This device has been twice used in an emergency and credited with saving the lives of the patients involved.

The story of the history of the Tingira ship is here http://www.navyhistory.org.au/the-history-of-hmas-tingira/

We would like to thank Alan Phillips who has modified the Paddle NSW Timing system to suit this, the Tingira Association Inc, NSW Marine Rescue, Mal Odgers – our outgoing SIP Treasurer & Boat Captain, David Jepson – our new SIP Treasurer, Tim Hookins & the OTW Committee, Val Titov for her design work, the sponsors of the Rose Bay Challenge Auction prizes ie Epic, Clint Robinson & Hoppo, Paddle NSW & Woollahra Council.

If you require any further information:

Tingira Teams Challenge Race Director & Shark Island Paddlers President : Howard Bernsten 0412 618 220

Tingira Teams Challenge Race Organiser & Shark Island Paddlers Secretary : Tony Haines 0411 532 000

Tingira Teams Challenge Race Organiser & Shark Island Paddlers Committee : David Edelman 0425 280 879

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  1. Have some competitive fun as a team of 4 boats & join Clint Robinson, Bruce Hopkins & many others to support NSW Marine Rescue on 28 July at Tingira Park Rose Bay.

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