Press release from Paddle NSW Open Water Committee

“With the Iceberg Series and winter now finished, many ‘Sydney & near coast’ paddlers are now focussed on the remaining Ocean Series events & Ocean Racing (AORS) events . The OWTC which manages the Open Water, Harbour & Iceberg Series has listened to feedback from the paddler and Surf Ski Australia community during the year and our objective has been to simplify and make it easier for everyone to attend our events. To this end we have decided to distil the previous three event series banners into one stronger series.

We will now refer to the entire series of events we run as the “Open Water and Harbour Series” with a season which starts with the Newcastle Open Water race in January and culminates with a Middle Harbour race in August.

The Committee would like to thank all our paddlers and sponsors who have supported us so well during 2013 and we look forward to an even more successful 2014 season”

2 thoughts on “Press release from Paddle NSW Open Water Committee

  1. A huge thanks to Rhino Racks, Vaikobi, Bennett, Think, Epic, Vajda, Pro Kayaks & Fenn for their support with sponsorship, prizes & turning up at our events.

  2. What a great first year for the Surfski Australia brand and the feedback on the events has been so positive. The face book page has also been hugely successful with near 500 likes in just 9 months. We hope to keep posting photos of races and continue to promote all the national races in the effort to making this site a truly representative platform. Looking forward to a great summer of racing and the new format in 2014.

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