Australian Surfski Racing Team in Portugal

Australian Surfski Racing Team: Wednesday 10th July. Today most of us registered for the race. Registration is in the shadow of a medieval castle guarding the entrance to the old harbour of Vila do Conde. What a setting. Pics tomorrow. I was too preoccupied today getting the boat organised. Actually got onto the water and paddled along the coastline, lots of little bommies, water quite cool but nice. Got my Vaikobi gear on and it felt good to wear. Thanks to Pat Langley of Vaikobi who sponsored all the on-water paddling gear.

Conditions better than I imagined the Atlantic would be. Cool and misty today.

It looks like the big race will be held on Saturday. Not much wind or swell around, we live in hope. I had imagined we would be paddling off this quiet, quaint Portuguese village, but of course, no. More like a far denser, older version of the Gold Coast. But the beaches are nice. As usual, all the actual water belongs to us paddlers.

This evening we had the team dinner, attended by the team and the supporters at an ocean facing restaurant. Jimmy Walker, team captain, gave a well aimed discourse on what it means to represent Australia at a world championship event and how to get your mind right for preparing a race plan for an event like this. You could just see how this hit the spot especially as far as the younger paddlers are concerned. Thanks Jim!

Tomorrow we are doing probably the last bigger training all as a team out there. We are all looking forward to it. Wish you were here! Tim

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